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Worst Year Ever

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Worst Year Ever

The pandemic made 2020 the worst year ever for the U.S. hotel industry. According to data provider STR, hotels hit all-time lows in occupancy and in revenue per available room last year. But there’s hope, NPR says. “[I]n the second half of the year, pent-up demand for experiences could finally be unleashed, bolstering the industry and offering a first glimpse of post-pandemic life.”

How To Open A Hotel in 2021

Yes, it’s been a rough 12 months for the hospitality industry. But there are still plenty of new hotels with openings on the horizon. The New York Times takes a look at how they’re doing it. “Some new hotels and inns are thriving during these trying times by doubling down on the local market, creating escapist atmospheres and employing other, almost unheard-of tactics.” And while we’re on the subject of hotels rallying in 2021, check out our new favorite downtown Denver spot — The Rally!

The Big Disinfection

The coronavirus is about to hit its second year. And as a result, major hotel brands are turning to the world of high-tech disinfection to strengthen their hygiene protocols. According to the Washington Post, It’s a trend that’s transforming the housekeeping process. It’s also accelerating the pace of automation in hospitality. Say hello to robots in your room!

5-Star Quarantine

With travel restrictions still firmly in place in many countries, quarantines are still necessary. But why not do it in style? Forbes reports on the rise of the 5-star hotel quarantine. “For those essential travelers who are abroad, for those who are returning to their own countries and have families at home, or for those who just want to treat themselves to a few indulgences during an otherwise un-fun couple of weeks, some courageous and considerate hotels are opening their doors and becoming ports in the storm.”

Weekly Moment of Zen

Things are definitely going to be different this year — but fear not: here are 26 actually fun ways to celebrate on Valentine’s Day in 2021.