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Summer Traveling & Summer #Trending

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#Trending This Summer

Summer doesn’t officially start for a few more weeks. But summer travel season is in full swing. In 2019, there are an array of travel trends to keep your eye on. For one thing, “astrotourism” is going to be big. There’s another solar eclipse happening in Chile and Argentina on July 2. Houston is prepping for a summer-long celebration surrounding the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. And “dark sky” spots all over the globe continue to attract stargazers of all experience levels. Another 2019 summer travel trend is genealogy travel. “For anyone who has already been bitten by the genealogy bug, a trip to explore some of the destinations represented in the family tree is a natural fit,” writes Christine Sarkis.

Travel Tech & Accessories

Wherever you go during your summer travel adventures, you’re going to need your gadgets. Fortune has rounded up some of the very best travel tech and accessories to make everything much smoother. Comfy shoes are a must – Fortune recommends the Wool Lounger slip-on. Bluetooth headphones cancel out the noise of travel – grab a pair of stylish Beats, with great sound quality and an easy interface. And you don’t need to miss out on your shows when you’re traveling. The new Streaming Stick+ from Roku plugs into the back of any TV, making keeping up a snap.

Hacks To Save

Want to travel this summer, but don’t want to stretch your budget? There are hacks for that, reports The Epoch Times. HotelTonight is especially cool if you’re feeling spontaneous. “Hotels with unfilled rooms post them on HotelTonight at steep discounts compared to standard rates,” writes Skye Sherman. “Plus, HotelTonight also offers the ability to book a couple of weeks in advance rather than just the day-of, so you don’t have to be totally last-minute with your reservations.” We also like Skye’s tips on how to become a travel minimalist. Pack extremely light and only bring a carry-on!

Suitcase Essentials

And speaking of packing … what are the must-have items for your suitcase this summer? TravelPulse has you covered. But first: what suitcase should you buy? Away makes compact and very sturdy luggage. But the best part? It has its own battery backup so you can charge your devices on the go. And did you know that skincare can be fun? “Sunshine and Glitter offers an array of products that keep your skin protected but also help you stand out,” writes Lauren Bowman. “Use their Beach Gypsy for a day of lounging by the ocean or partying at a music festival.”

Weekly Moment of Zen

Never mind Uber. Try a scUber this summer. Yep, it’s a ride-share submarine.