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Workplace Wellness

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Information Overload In The Office

Emails. Voicemails. Slack notifications. Meeting invites. Text messages. We live in the age of information overload – especially in the office. Say hello to the latest workplace challenge: “infobesity.” “[C]onsuming too much information can cloud our ability to make good decisions,” writes Sébastien Ricard. “This is especially true in the workplace since employees are asked to make multiple decisions every day, some often crucial to a company’s success. The results of these decisions can affect the entire workforce.” Ricard has some tips on how to combat the scourge of information overload.

Workplace Wellness

It’s a fact: Almost everyone suffers from some kind of mental health issues from time to time. How can the workplace help to alleviate these issues? “One of the best things for employers to do with regards to their care of duty towards employees is to have sensible policies in place when it comes to work-life balance,” writes Stuart Gentle. “Workloads should be reviewed regularly to ensure that employees aren’t struggling and that their concerns are met. Flexible hours and the opportunity to work from home can really help here.” Workplace wellness is within reach!

Laugh It Up

One way to raise spirits in the workplace? Humor. But it’s not about being an office clown. Entrepreneur has three tips on how to keep the mood light in a productive way. “Studies and research show that humor in the workplace can be highly beneficial and drive up productivity, promote wellbeing, break down barriers and create a more human and authentic environment,” writes Ric Kelly. “That said, humor has boundaries that must be carefully observed and managed.” Go ahead, give your office a sense of humor.

Best Places To Work 2019

There are challenges in every workplace. But some companies are finding new ways to confront these challenges. Check out this year’s OUTSIDE Magazine’s 50 Best Places To Work in 2019. “Powder days and gear bonuses are great, but welcoming environments that prioritize the work-life balance are what really make these companies exceptional,” write the editors. Oh, and if you’d allow us to brag for a moment – TURNER is in this year’s honorable mention section.

Weekly Moment of Zen

Here’s what you don’t want your office to be like: check out a supercut of Michael Scott’s funniest meetings on The Office.