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The World of Work is Changing — Fast

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TURNER is One of Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work 2020

Hot on the heels of our PRSA win comes another accolade for TURNER. We’ve been named one of Outside Magazine’s best places to work in 2020. The work / life balance is more important than ever in 2020 — and TURNER has made that balance an integral part of our culture, helping our staff not only survive this year, but thrive. Check out the full list of Outside’s Best Places To Work.

How the World of Work May Change Forever

TURNER is a great place to work – but work is changing … fast. The BBC talked with a handful of experts to get the prognosis on the future of work. “Will we go to the office again – and, if so, how often? What impact will a ‘hybrid’ way of working have on how we communicate, connect and create? Will work-from-home be the great leveler in terms of gender equality and diversity? And what will work mean if our offices are virtual and we lose those day-to-day social interactions?”

Making Moves

For the time being, those of us who are working from home have had to make major adjustments to our daily routines. And we’re probably sitting more than ever before. Not good! “Sitting for prolonged periods of time is the new smoking,” says Nina Geromel, a Milwaukee-based doctor of physical therapy. Design Milk has some handy tips to get moving and stay healthy while you’re WFH.

Staying Motivated At Home

Movement is important for your physical well-being. But what about your mental well-being? Remote work is a major change for many of us and staying motivated and purposeful during the work week can be a challenge. Lifehacker is here to help. There are simple tactics you can use to stay focused and motivated: having a dedicated workspace, figuring out what you’re missing, and forging connections with others who work remotely. We’re all in this together …

Weekly Moment of Zen

Need a break? Us too. Here are the best binge-worthy shows to watch on Netflix right now.