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Winter Travel Boom

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Winter Travel Boom

Americans are getting ready for some serious vacations this winter. According to WalletHub’s 2019 Winter Travel Survey, two out of three Americans have plans for a seasonal escape. “The results of WalletHub’s Winter Travel Survey show reason for economic optimism in the sense that slightly more people are planning to travel this year than last year, and 79 percent of winter travelers say they’re going to spend at least as much as they did last year,” said WalletHub CEO Odysseas Papadimitriou. “When people are feeling strain financially, you generally don’t see travel increase.”

Cheaping Out

Wherever you go this winter, USA Today has some tips on things not to cheap out on during your travels. Top of the list? “A cheap flight, inconveniently located hotel, or minuscule rental car may save you money, but they’ll likely still cost you plenty of regret and inconvenience,” writes Caroline Morse Teel. Cutting corners will often result in inconveniences that are not worth the trouble.

How To Eat Healthy While You’re On The Road – But Still Eat

If you’re a foodie who loves to travel, your winter vacation may see your diet and/or fitness regime go out the window. There are so many new things to eat and drink! But there’s a way to make progress even when you’re on the move. “Travelling a lot for work is hard. You’ve got to contend with a lack of control of your time and circumstance,” says Dr Heather McKee, a behavior change specialist and habit coach with a PhD in weight loss psychology. Via Insider, McKee has some great tips on how to enjoy food on your travels, without going overboard.

Future Air Travel

We’re looking ahead to traveling this winter. But what will it look like 100 winters from now? According to Conde Nast Traveler, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has a few ideas of how air travel will have transformed in the year 2119. “Many of KLM’s predictions for the future of flying are in that same vein: making aviation more and more sustainable,” writes Ramsey Quebin. In that sense, the airline is predicting a super-oil-efficient aircraft called the Flying V. “The plane’s futuristic design relocates the passenger cabin, fuel tanks, and cargo space directly into the wings helping to reduce drag from a more traditional fuselage.”

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