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What’s Next In Wellness

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2020 Wellness Trends

In last week’s Download, we took a look at some of the upcoming year’s hottest travel trends. This week, we’re looking at the world of wellness, according to Google Trends. CBD will continue to be huge – especially in the skincare zone. “Available in drops and in edible form, too, CBD is specifically used in skincare products for its healing properties because of its anti-inflammatory properties,” writes Harper’s Bazaar’s Becki Murray. Another thing wellness seekers are searching for online: sound baths! “The practice involves ‘bathing’ in sounds that are often produced by crystal bowls or instruments tuned to specific frequencies,” Murray reports. “These frequencies are said to trigger certain areas in the brain which help you relax and release tension.”

Get Out

CBD and sound baths are in. What’s out? Yahoo Lifestyle has some wellness trends that will likely be less popular in the new year. “To figure out which trends call for some caution, we asked fitness and wellness experts and influencers for their opinions on the fads they regret taking part in or that they think are on the way out,” writes Sarah Yang. A lot of these un-trending wellness trends are food related. Restrictive diets will be less trendy, as will “teatoxes” and appetite suppressants. Check out the rest!

Hot Beverages

Some food-related wellness trends are on the way out. But there are beverage trends on the way in. Beverage Daily has the details on such hot beverages as Asian cheese tea (foam-topped drink popular in many parts of Asia) and huitlacoche (a fungus you may grow to love!). And get ready for edible insects! Grasshoppers are poised to leap into the scene in the coming years … Are you ready to sip the tea?

Employee Health Trends

Workplace wellness is getting more and more popular. And the next decade will only see that popularity increase. Healthcare Finance takes a look at the latest trends in the workplace. One interesting development is psychographic profiling. According to Jeff Lagasse, this “is a way of understanding the motivation behind someone’s actions based on personality traits. When it comes to wellness programs, this information can be used to help wellness administrators approach health concerns in a way that is most likely to spur the person in question to take action.”

Weekly Moment of Zen

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