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Staying Engaged + What’s New In Social Media

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What’s New In Social Media

TikTok For Business, Instagram Pinned Comments, Snapchat Brand Profiles … Recent weeks have seen a slew of new and useful social media tools and features rolled out by the major platforms. TURNER’s Melanie Dennig has a quick primer on what they are — and why brands should be paying attention.

Staying Engaged With Brands

According to a new Salesforce survey of 3,500 consumers, social media is more essential than ever when it comes to engaging with brands. Empathetic marketing is key. “As customers navigate a series of ‘new normals,’ personalized, empathetic engagement has never been more important,” writes ZDNet’s Vala Afshar. “Delivering messages and offers that resonate with an individual’s unique needs and expectations requires deep insights.”

Welcome To The Expedition

Founded by Wall Street Journal alums Sara Clemence and Ryan Sager, The Expedition is a new subscription-based online club for families to connect over a shared love of travel. Members will “meet families with whom to share stories, experiences, and ideas.” They’ll also have access to experts and exclusive member benefits to help you adjust to the new realities of travel in 2020.

Introducing The Bubble Charter

Like other sectors, luxury travel has had to roll with the punches in 2020. But according to the Robb Report, it’s better off than some may think. This is thanks to private jets, buyouts and something called the bubble charter. What’s a bubble charter? It allows luxury travelers to “to book private aviation and hotel buyouts or villas as a single package, streamlining logistics while minimizing interaction with others en route and in situ.”

Weekly Moment of Zen

Because it’s 2020: Cheez-It is releasing a new, limited-edition box with House Wine.