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What’s Good: Costume Dramas and Parallel Universes

The Great, starring Elle Fanning on Hulu

There’s still plenty of good stuff out there. Here’s the best news we’ve heard all week.

Your New Favorite Costume Dramas

All dressed up and nowhere to go? Vanity Fair has gathered together the juiciest new costume dramas of the season. “It’s never been a better time to hide under the covers and avoid the modern world,” writes Sonia Saraiya. “Costume dramas are comfort food for when Western civilization fails us—a sometimes nostalgic, sometimes gritty view at how different things used to be.” We can personally recommend the irreverent, Elle Fanning-starring The Great.

Concert For One

Who misses live music? We sure do. That’s why this story from last week tugged at our heartstrings. Organized by flute player Stephanie Winker, the city of Stuttgart in southern Germany is holding special one-on-one concerts. That’s right – just one attendee and one musician. “When corona came, and there were all these rules where the only thing you can do is be two meters apart from everyone, I just thought, ‘Wow,’ said Winker. “One-on-one concerts would be the only form of performance that could work in this moment.”

Donkey Reunion

If you’re anything like us, there are many friends and family members we’re excited to reunite with after quarantine and social distancing. For an appropriate way to act when those reunions happen, please follow the example of this man and his donkey. It may be in Spanish, but even if you don’t speak the language, the love between these two comes through loud and clear. Especially loud on the part of the donkey.

The Upside Down

Is this real life or Stranger Things? NASA has reported that it has found evidence that suggests the possibility of a parallel universe in high-energy particles found in Antarctica. They’re describing the phenomenon as “upside-down cosmic rays” that might just be traveling back in time. What does that mean? We’re not entirely sure. But the idea of any parallel universe sounds like the best news right now, doesn’t it?