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Wellness Trends 2019

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Wellness Trends in Travel

Will 2019 be the year of the “painmoon”? It’s just one of the wellness trends to watch compiled by Health and Fitness Travel, a wellness-based vacation company. What the heck is a “painmoon”? Refinery 29 enlightens us. It’s a “a sort of anti-honeymoon which someone might take to help them grieve a loved one, rebound from a bad break-up, or relax following a period of poor mental health or anxiety.” Not a bad idea (maybe the name needs a little work). Another wellness travel trend that looks interesting is the “sleep performance retreat,” which will help insomniacs improve their sleeping patterns. A vacation where you stay in bed most of the time? Sounds pretty good, actually.

Healthy Tourism

Wellness trends in tourism are bigger than ever, according to PSFK. “A burgeoning global middle class, heightened consumer desire for a healthy lifestyle, the rising appetite for experiential travel, cheaper flights and more travel options—think Airbnb-style disruption—are steamrolling the trend,” writes Barbara Thau. So-called healthy hotels are becoming commonplace all over the world, offering travelers experiential offerings that enhance their wellness practices. It’s a big business. The Global Wellness Institute expects wellness tourism to hit $919 billion by 2022, when an estimated 1.2-billion wellness trips will be taken annually around the globe.

The Smart Mirror

No matter where your travels take you, wellness always begins at home. So you may want to consider getting a “smart” mirror. As you may have guessed, it’s way more than a mirror. It’s also an LCD screen, with a variety of built-in workouts ready to go for the gym-shy athlete. “You’re probably thinking that there’s plenty of at-home fitness equipment on the market, but this one isn’t an eyesore,” writes Digital Trends’ Brenda Stolyar. “Unlike a spin bike or treadmill, it also brings you a huge variety of exercises from yoga to barre, and even weight training.”

Yoga Pants Nation

Yoga pants are everywhere – whether you’re a fitness fanatic or just want to look like one. Bloomberg tracks the rise of this unexpected fashion item. “In 2014, teenagers began to prefer leggings over jeans,” write Kim Bhasin and Gerald Porter Jr. “Then people started wearing athletic clothing (or athleisure, but it’s mostly just yoga pants) to run errands. Now they’re wearing yoga pants to the office. U.S. imports of women’s elastic knit pants last year surpassed those of jeans for the first time ever, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.” In 2018, about $48 billion is being spent on activewear in the U.S. every year.

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