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Well-To-Do Wellness Trends

Wellness culture has been fully integrated into many of our lives. It’s not just about physical well-being – it’s a 360-degree approach, incorporating mental health, as well. It’s also getting high-end. OUTSIDE has the details on well-to-do-wellness trends. “As the market has matured, physical-wellness centers, which offer an extensive range of services, like meditation classes, vibrational-energy healing, and color therapy, have proliferated,” writes Laura Entis. NYC is the testing ground, with wellness centers like The Well, Clean Market and Higher Dose emerging. They all offer a diverse array of amenities – and come with a hefty price tag.

Working For Wellness

Wellness trends are big in the workplace, too. And it should be even bigger, according to Forbes’ Edward Fleischman. “Wellness needs to take a front seat in company culture, and this should start by supporting your employees’ mental health,” he writes. “While culture can refer to a variety of factors, what it often comes down to is feeling valued by your employer. This doesn’t only mean through compensation and company perks; employees must feel that their employer cares about their overall well-being. When employees know they have this support, they are more likely to find meaning and purpose in their work, which increases engagement and productivity.” Check out four ways to promote mental wellness in the workplace.

Go East

For centuries, wellness practitioners have looked eastward for inspiration. The holistic approaches are perfect for today’s wellness consumers. In Boston, you can choose your own path to wellness. “When you need a mind/body boost, turn off the techy gimmicks in favor of one of these tried-and-true Eastern wellness practices—no app required,” writes Tessa Yanyone. Get back to Yoga’s roots with a Kundalini Yoga session. Then, experience the Japanese healing tradition of Reiki, which will leave you both calmer and more energized. Finally, electro-Acupuncture can help with chronic aches and pains.

Feeling Good In Sin City

People love Las Vegas for its excesses. However, a new $850 million luxury hotel is going in the other direction. Set to open in 2023, Majestic Las Vegas, located right on the famous Strip, is set to become the city’s first wellness-focused hotel. According to Robb Report, the property “will house a four-level, state-of-the-art fitness, nutrition and spa center to counter the excesses of the Strip. Guests can swap blackjack for indulgent full-body treatments and partake in relaxing yoga or spin classes instead of roulette.” You read that right. This is one Vegas hotel with no gambling!

Weekly Moment of Zen

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