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The Wellness Travel Blend

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The Wellness Travel Blend

The wellness and travel spheres are getting more and more intertwined. As soon as a wellness trend pops up, you can bet a hotel or resort will be following that trend within moments. It works the other way around, as well, with wellness brands responding to the needs of travelers. Skift has a deep dive into what is driving the wellness/hospitality blend. “In a way, resorts act as incubators for wellness trends,” writes Laura Powell. “They’re a space to find out what things will stick, and what will just be a gimmick.”

Not Getting Out

Wellness travel trends and outdoor recreation go hand in hand. But according to a recent study from the Outdoor Foundation, the outdoor industry has a problem. In 2018, nearly half of Americans didn’t go outside for recreation, taking 1 billion fewer outdoor outings compared to 2008. “It’s not just the outdoor industry that should care about this,” Lise Aangeenbrug, the executive director of the Outdoor Foundation, told the Colorado Sun. “Study after study indicates that time spent outdoors, particularly active time outdoors, can help us improve our mental health, physical health, academic outcomes and more. We should really be concerned as a nation that we are becoming an indoor nation.”

Personalize It!

One thing’s for sure. Wellness travel is more than just yoga retreats and fancy spas. Like other areas in travel, the future is bespoke. One size does not fit all! “People are expecting more personalized experiences all around, not just with travel,” Alexander Timmons, owner of Mountain Trek, a luxury hiking and spa retreat company, told Skift. “The more personalized an experience or product, the better.” Read Skift’s dig into how to capitalize on this uptick in niche wellness travel.

What’s Next In Wellness

Obviously, things are moving fast in the wellness travel sphere. So get caught up on the latest wellness travel trends, thanks to CNBC. Internal clock adjustments are going to be big. That means “adjusting your schedule, diet and environment to sync with your body’s internal clock.” Mental health tech and wearables are gaining in popularity as well. That means meditation headsets, virtual reality therapy and more. Things are trending towards Japan, too, as more people look to the country for tips on how to live well. Did you know that more than half of the babies born in Japan are likely to live to 100?

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