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How The Wellness & Fitness World Is Evolving In 2023

wellness 2023

If you’re anything like us, an improved wellness routine is a regular New Year’s resolution every January. Sticking to your fitness goals is one thing. Understanding the latest developments in the wellness world is another. With a little help from our partners at Mindbody, check out some of the ways that things are changing in 2023 and beyond.

Real-Life Fitness Returns (For Real)

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s looking like people will be returning in-person to their fitness gyms and studios in 2023. After a few years of growth for remote workout platforms, many are ready for the communal experience of IRL classes. “The pandemic impacted most industries, and few were as hard hit as the wellness industry—but the pandemic did not kill in-person fitness,” Fritz Lanman, the CEO of Mindbody, told Well + Good. “In fact, it highlighted just how much we missed those in-person experiences.”

  • TURNER Takeaway: Does this mean that the virtual workout trend is over? Not quite. Many users will opt for a hybrid model, blending online and real-life connections. We’ve had a few years to test and trial our own personal workout routines amid an evolving workplace format. Whether you’re returning to a physical office a few days a week and want to complement that with workouts nearby or you work full-time remote and are eager to find your “escape” from the house, in-person fitness offers a solution for everyone.

Bonus Fitness Tip: Looking to change up your fitness routine? Want to have access to studios across the U.S.? ClassPass memberships offer access to a variety of spas, salons and other wellness businesses — perfect for when you’re at work, at home or while on the road.

Community Counts

And speaking of connections, Mindbody predicts that 2023 will see the rise of the wellness collective, whether it’s an in-person group or an online community (or a mix of both). “Consumers will continue to look to fitness, beauty, and wellness businesses as a source of community. Nearly half (43%) of all consumers say that community is a very important part of wellness experiences, with men more likely to say this than women.”

  • TURNER Takeaway: Wellness isn’t going to be a solitary affair in 2023. We’ll be lifting each other up, holding each other accountable and having fun in the process. Additionally, the rise of wearables has created more of a competitive, yet fun, way to track friends & family’s wellness goals and progress.

Mental Fitness

Wellness isn’t just physical anymore. Maintaining a strong level of mental health is now just as important as physical health. “Mental fitness is like physical fitness, where you’re engaging in mind-body strategies, like meditation, regularly,” therapist Allyson Byers told Well + Good. “This results in being able to better handle life’s challenges and more days in which you’re performing your best.” People are responding to the concept in a big way, with the #mentalfitness hashtag trending on Instagram and TikTok.

  • TURNER Takeaway: Workplace mindfulness and mental health benefits have become more of a staple (and a requirement, for many, when on the job hunt). Increased happiness and productiveness are just a few of the incredible outcomes from this regular practice and employers are noticing.