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The Holidays Have Already Begun

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The Black Travel Summit

With the Black Travel Summit’s “Movement” webinar taking place Oct. 17-18, TURNER chatted with the group’s founder and CEO Anita Francois. “Representation is important, because this is one thing that prevents a lot of people of color from traveling. If you don’t see somebody who looks like you, there’s almost a subconscious thought that makes you assume, ‘Maybe people like me don’t travel. Maybe that means I can’t travel. Maybe it’s impossible for me to travel.’”

Green Book

The Black Travel Summit is relatively new. Black travel is not. Back in the 1950s, Victor Hugo Green’s Negro Motorist Green Book provided African American tourists with a travel guide that helped them navigate the country during the Jim Crow era. Now, the concept has been revived by Martinique Lewis. According to CNN, her ABC Travel Green Book, is a directory that lists Black-owned businesses, restaurants, communities, tours and festivals in the US and abroad.

The Holidays Have Already Begun

We’re not even to Halloween and retailers have kicked off their holiday shopping campaigns. As with everything else in 2020, things are different. Black Friday is a multi-week affair. E-commerce is bigger than ever. TURNER’s Melanie Dennig takes a close look at the trends that are shaping the holidays this year.

‘Tis (or Tisn’t) The Season For Travel?

Holiday shopping is still happening in 2020. Is holiday travel? With the pandemic still looming large, people are wondering whether or not to visit family in the upcoming months. Fortune examines the risks and rewards involved with holiday travel this year. ““If you’re planning to fly home for the holidays, or are still hoping to take your annual holiday season vacation, know that you’ll need to do way more research than you normally would—and take more risks,” says Brian Kelly, founder of the popular U.S.-based travel site The Points Guy.

Weekly Moment of Zen

Take the kids to Pawnee! The Parks & Recreation children’s book has arrived.