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TURNER Celebrates World Kindness Day

Kindness counts — in 2020 more than ever. This year, the TURNER team has tried to spread some goodness out there in the world. And for World Kindness Day today, we’d like to share a few examples …

Every year after the first couple big snowfalls, I make it a tradition to give to the neighborhood food bank. The one in my area, Bienvenidos Food Bank, lists items they most need on their site, so I try to make sure to include some of those! This year, that included hearty soups, jams, pasta and shampoo. – Whitt Kelly

I volunteered at Food Bank of the Rockies, a great organization that battles hunger in Colorado and Wyoming. – Christine Turner

I made my colleague and friend Caitlin a giant batch of homemade enchiladas and queso and delivered to her family after she had her baby! – Lena Young

I sent a handwritten letter to an old friend. – Ashley Cox

A friend has been having a particularly rough time these past seven months, so I posted a request on the subreddit “Random Acts of Cards”  to help me send her handwritten words of encouragement from around the world. – Amber Steffens

This year, I’ve been the recipient of so much kindness. My son has been battling an illness all year long, and I’ve been fortunate to have the support of so many friends and family members — including the TURNER team. So, so, so many gave money, time and love, and for that I have nothing but thanks. – Tracey Ornelas

My daughter’s great summer camp was hit hard by the recent Colorado wildfires (in fact, they even got one of the fires named after them), so we donated to get them back up and running — and encouraged friends and family to do so as well. – Tyler Wilcox

I made a donation to Inneract Project, a nonprofit that empowers underrepresented youth through design education and links them to opportunities to explore design in career and life. – Jessica Stollberg

We participated in a virtual food drive via the Greater Chicago Food Depository to bring food to our neighbors across our new city. We virtually “shopped” grocery store aisles and filled shopping carts to curate full meals to help provide nourishing food for those at risk of hunger. – Lauren Ryback

Turner World Kindness Day

This year, the Amazonian community of Puerto Miguel located inside of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve in Peruhas been dramatically been impacted due to a reduction in tourism in the area. I decided to make a monetary donation through the Alma Children’s Education Foundation as a way to give back to this and other communities in need in Peru. Delfin Amazon Cruises, one of the top cruise operators that visits this community also created a GoFundMe page for the community if you want to lend a hand! – Naureen Kazi

To brighten people’s day out of nowhere, I send the occasional bouquet of flowers to friends/family. In order to try and convert last minute voters and encourage people to exercise their right to vote – I volunteered for a last minute voting push with the National GOTV Friendbanks on November 3. Molly Donnelly

I pulled together a care package for my friend working with COVID patients at University Hospital. – Kirstin Koszorus

My roommate has been in a bit of funk lately, so one night while she was sleeping I added Post-It notes with positive affirmations of what makes her so amazing to our bathroom mirror. I wanted her to be greeted with positivity when she woke up. – Riana Casas

I donated an unworn wedding dress to someone who couldn’t afford to buy one. – Dani Matthews

Not all TURNER team members are eligible to vote. So, with only a green card in hand, I used a volunteer day to join the Biden Harris team in Allentown, Pennsylvania to canvas potential voters to make their voices heard. – Adél Grobler