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Trendwatch: The Rise of Sportscore

All those tailored sweatpants and luxe hoodies you’re seeing on the streets these days? Some call it “sportscore,” but the use of athletic staples in everyday wear has a long history that stretches back decades and ties in everything from casual shirts & sweats to footwear (how do you think those Chuck Taylor kicks ended up off the court, anyhow?).

Larchmont Pants by Alternative Apparel

It’s also a trend that meshes perfectly with a more simple, pared-down style of dressing — crisp-casual combinations are that much easier to come by when you mix in put-together athletic pieces. Take, for example, some tapered sweatpants — they’ve got some structure and a slim fit like your favorite chinos, yet a marled fabric and sportswear details — like the elastic waist and cuffs — make them a good pick for a high-low outfit (taking those and mixing them with a rumpled Oxford cloth buttondown).

K-Swiss Irvine T
K-Swiss Irvine T

Other pairs of slim sweats (jogger pants, if we’re getting technical) work particularly well with sport-inspired sneakers. And easygoing styles like the Palladium Flex Lace or the streetwear-centric Native Shoes Apollo help nail things down in the footwear department for enterprising (and stylish) guys and girls.

Malibu Muscle Tank Top by Alternative

Putting together the other parts of an outfit  is easy, too — guys can throw on a marled pocket T-shirt, while girls can reach for a minimalistic tank top. Set out in slim, minimal sneakers and those tailored sweatpants and there you have it. So that’s “sportscore” in a nutshell — now that wasn’t hard, was it?

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