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Travel Trends 2020

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The Second City Traveler

With 2020 right around the corner, we’re digging into next year’s hottest (and weirdest) travel trends. First up – the concept of the “Second City Traveler” trend. According to Booking.com, “the exploration of lesser known destinations in a bid to reduce over-tourism and protect the environment, will take a leap forward in the year ahead. Over half (54 percent) of global travelers want to play a part in reducing over-tourism, while 51 percent would swap their original destination for a lesser known but similar alternative if they knew it’d leave less of an environmental impact.”

Responsible Tourism

The sustainable tourism trend is nothing new, of course … but it’s evolving. According to Travel Pulse, there are other eco-conscious travel microtrends emerging. Take “rewilding,” for instance. “Tourism businesses worldwide have a role to play in restoring landscapes and helping to reintroduce species of wild animals that have previously been driven out or exterminated,” said Responsible Travel. It’s taking the “leave no trace” philosophy a step further. These travel businesses want to leave a destination not just the same as they found it – but better.

EQ Encounters

What about luxury travel trends in 2020? According to Forbes, one of the upscale travel trends coming next year is EQ encounters. “Today’s traveler is seeking more profound experiences leading to increased emotional intelligence,” writes Lea Lane. “Pushing beyond their comfort zone combined with genuine interaction among locals provides travelers with a deeper appreciation for the people and cultures they encounter.” That means immersive cultural experiences that really show off the character of a destination.


Maybe you’ve tried skinny dipping. But have you tried skinny traveling? That’s right – clothing-optional vacations are going to be big in 2020. “It’s about being human, finding connections and embracing vulnerability,” writes Conde Nast Traveler’s Jenny Southan. “Embrace your inner naturist with nude hikes, camping, canoeing, cruises, wild swimming and yoga.” Are you ready to book a “nakation”?

Weekly Moment of Zen

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