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How Travel Journalism Is Evolving

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The Future of FAM Trips

Like so many other things in the travel world, FAM trips and media events were shut down by COVID-19 this spring. But travel writers and influencers may be ready to visit destinations sooner than you think. TURNER’s Ashley Cox gathered some inside intel on how journalists are feeling about FAMs these days — and what they expect from them in a post-COVID world.

Travel Publishers Re-Strategize

Even if media events and FAMs return, there’s no doubt that travel journalism will be very different going forward in 2020. Media Post has the details on how many travel magazines have pivoted. Some, like Atlas Obscura, found the transition relatively smooth. The brand is “not focused on travel recommendations,” said Samir S. Patel, editorial director. Instead, Atlas Obscura exposes readers “to the world with science, history and culture.”

Not Shying Away From Controversy

Are destinations ready to showcase their less-than-rosy sides? Some travel writers think they should be. Read this interview with Nneka M. Okona, a writer who tackles controversial aspects of destinations head on. The editors write that Okona has covered “destinations like Montgomery, Ala., a Southern city whose history is fraught with racism and the enslavement of African Americans, and was once the capital of the domestic slave trade in the state by the year 1860. In her piece for Conde Nast Traveler, Okona poses the important question of how travelers are to deal with the city’s troubled history as they enjoy what it now has to offer visitors.”

Travel Credit

One way to boost travel in a post-pandemic world? Tax credits. According to Skift, U.S. Sen. Martha McSally (R-Ariz) has proposed offering tax credits to Americans who spend money on lodging and entertainment as a way to encourage more travel domestically. The American TRIP Act would also give funding to destination marketing organizations in order to help them promote the travel and tourism industry around the nation.

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