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A Mutual Passion For Travel (And Each Other)

Traveling is an inherently romantic activity. What could be more enchanting than globetrotting with the one you love? Sadly, most of us can only find a couple of weeks a year for romantic rendezvous. But there are the lucky few who have turned their mutual passion for travel (and each other) into a full-time gig. For Valentine’s Day this year, get inspired by these travel influencer couples.

Brock + Chris


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Fashion, food, beauty, music, travel – it all blends together in a perfectly stylish way on YummerTime. Real-life couple Brock and Chris encourage their followers to live the “good life” through sharing exciting travels and life tips.

Quote: Yummertime is our life. And it’s also this teeny-weenie blog — a source of inspiration for the boys and girls out there who refuse to accept rules and live a boring life. We hope we can encourage everyone and anyone to live their good life (and eat a little more pizza).

Selena + Jacob


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It started with a three-month road trip through the Balkans. It turned into a full-time life of travel. After risking it all to go abroad, husband-and-wife team Selena and Jacob started Find Us Lost to inform and inspire other couples looking for rewarding travel experiences. Be careful: scrolling through their Insta feed or reading their detailed blog reports will result in intense wanderlust.

Quote: It’s been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life starting a blog, and I’m still learning from it every day. I never knew that my passion for travel would lead to such a positive lifestyle change — one that seemed completely unattainable to me only a couple years ago! I hope my story inspires you to pursue the life you want, whether that means taking trips on weekends or becoming a full-time traveler.

Xavier + Katie


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Xavier and Katie are true nomads who enjoy exploring unique destinations across the globe together – the more luxurious, the better! While they enjoy vacationing, Xavier and Katie like to focus more on the cultural aspect of travel. They use their custom hashtag #LetsFlyAwayTo as a way to keep up with their followers’ journeys.

Quote: We’ve always had so much fun traveling together but now, I would say it’s even better as a married couple. Our relationship has grown so much and these experiences have brought us a lot closer. – Bikini.com

Victoria + Terrence


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Traveling the world with your romantic partner can often seem like a fairy tale come true. Follow Me Away is maybe the greatest example of this feeling. The photos by Victoria and Terrence here have an otherworldly, fantasy-influenced style, turning real destinations into the pages of a storybook.

Quote: Whether we are relaxing at a resort, road tripping through Iceland, photographing in a forest, or exploring a new city, we are thrilled to have each other as we journey through life.

Savi + Vid


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Savi and Vid are dedicated travelers – together, they’ve been to more than 90 countries. Bruised Passport’s name comes from the fact that the couple’s passports are “full of bruises and stamps.” With a healthy sense of adventure and a great eye for photography, this pair’s content is always fresh, unexpected and fun.

Quote: It’s about love and looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses. We’re both hellbent on questioning convention, chasing true happiness, and phasing out the negativity and clutter that define modern life. Nobody’s life is perfect but focusing on the positives just leaves us with so much more time and energy to engage with things we love.