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Travel in the Year 2024

After collaborating with technology and aviation specialists (including Google and Microsoft), travel-booking website, SkyScanner, released a new report earlier this month predicting what the future of travel could look like by 2024. While some of the predicted travel trends are wild and exciting, others are practical and sensible, leaving globetrotters wondering when these technological advances in travel comfort can actually be applied.

Digital Travel Buddy

The most buzz-worthy topic from the report is that of the “Digital Travel Buddy,” a virtual companion designed to assist you in every step of your journey, from booking to travel time, scheduling trip activities and reservations, to your trip back home.  Think of the Digital Travel Buddy as a new and improved Siri, with a slightly higher skillset and a more personalized user experience.  Digital Travel Buddies would be programmed to assure every leg of your trip, business or pleasure, goes off without a hitch. (Should an unforeseen problem arise, there is probably an update for that.)

Semantic Search

Another exciting prospective improvement outlined in the report is the idea of semantic search technology utilizing social media preferences to suggest trips, bookings, restaurants, hotels and more.“Essentially, think of a world of travel where the traveler comes first,” said Skyscanner’s head of B2B Filip Filipov. “The technology comes together to make that experience intuitive, rich and inspirational.”Ultimately, search engines will become smarter, saving preferences and search history, and connecting deeper with social networks like Pinterest to serve up more custom search results that are indicative of their needs and future behavior.

Inflight Technology

Additionally, the Aircraft Interiors Expo was held earlier this month in Hamburg where the most practical and necessary predicted travel trend was presented, a tablet holder that can be easily fixed onto existing airplane seats. According to a recent TripAdvisor survey, 46% of U.S. travelers don’t fly without their tablets and that percentage increases daily. Having a place to insert your tablet so that it doesn’t continuously flop around on your tray table or lay in your lap inducing neck strains really doesn’t seem like too much to ask. UK- based BAE Systems even went as far to say in-flight monitors will eventually be replaced by an actual tablet, offering access to free wifi and an endless array of entertainment options.

All in all, the future of travel looks pretty promising for avid jet-setters. Now if someone can just find a way to alleviate turbulence and flight delays, we’re golden.

– Kelsey Norten (@kelseynorten)