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You’re Doing It Wrong

You may think you’re a seasoned traveler. But what kinds of travel mistakes are you making? Bustle has rounded up some of the big ones, with a little help from some experts. One recommendation that we particularly like is that you don’t have to visit the big tourist attractions. “We tell ourselves that we absolutely must cover every site and attraction, but, just like in other aspects of life, we benefit from some mental decluttering and letting go of ‘shoulds,’” says Talya Miron-Shatz, PhD, a visiting researcher at Cambridge University, and CEO of Buddy&Soul, a platform for personal development. “Once we’re in the moment, enjoying the waterfall and not stressing over the four other sites we need to check off the list before lunch, the trip becomes so much better.”

The Subtle Future Of Travel

This year, travel is going to transform. However, it might be in ways that you barely notice. Fast Company has brought together some of the subtle changes you may (or may not) see. One key detail: airports will be getting smarter, thanks to artificial intelligence. “In 2019, we’ll start seeing the first steps of artificial intelligence making sense of more data to create service superpowers for staff, and hyper-personalized travel experiences for flyers,” writes Devin Liddell. Additionally, the scooter infestation in many urban centers will get sorted out. High-profile marketing campaigns and improved public awareness are on their way. Let’s make those sidewalks safe again!

All Aboard

More travel transformation! This time, it’s all about trains. These aren’t the old-timey choo-choos of old, though. CNN has the latest. High-speed trains have opened all over the world, offering a convenient alternative to air travel. The Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link connects the semi-autonomous city of Hong Kong with mainland China’s extensive high-speed rail network. Additionally, Eurostar recently launched the first ever direct service between London and Amsterdam, which takes three hours and 41 minutes. Are you ready for your train trip?


Some things change, some things stay the same. In the latter category, according to Wired, you’ll find virtually all of our travel photos. A new longread from Laura Mallonee describes how tourists “flit from attraction to attraction to take the same photos they’ve already seen of Buckingham Palace, the Golden Gate Bridge or even Brussels’ Peeing Boy. That script, staged again and again by countless visitors, reflects how photography has always shaped the travel experience—for good or bad.” Food for thought: Are we experiencing these locations we’re photographing? Or are we just checking them off our lists?

Weekly Moment of Zen

This dream job will pay you the big bucks to run an island inn off the coast of San Francisco.