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The Clock is TikTok-ing

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The Clock Is Tik Tok-ing

It’s official: TikTok is 2019’s social media sensation. The video-sharing platform has hit 500 million users. And brands are taking notice, according to Marketing Land’s Ginny Marvin. “The NFL, the NBA, Nike, Burberry, Samsung, HP, Chipoltle and Walmart are among the brands [creating] interesting work on TikTok,” she writes. As always, early adopters are reaping the benefits of a hot new platform. It’s not time to sit on the sidelines – it’s time to dive into TikTok!

Get Ready For Reddit

Reddit has been around for much longer than Tik Tok. But marketers are just now starting to latch onto the website. Hubspot has some of the best ways brands are taking advantage of this extremely popular website. “To put it plainly, [Reddit] puts discussion first, rather than just focusing on content,” writes Pamela Bump. “While other networks offer comment threads, their feeds highlight content first and discussions second. Meanwhile, Reddit’s feeds highlight active threads, discussions, or subreddits, and most of the platform’s best content exists within those threads or subreddits.”

Group Stories

Stories has become one of the most popular features on Instagram. And now, it looks like it might get even more popular. According to Mashable, Instagram is testing a new feature called Group Stories. “Users will be able to share content to a Group Story on Instagram, and from there you can choose to send it to your close friends or a Group,” writes Stan Schroeder. As a result, groups of friends will be able to collaborate on Stories. Sounds like a good time …


Instagram’s “Like-ageddon” continues. Influencers worldwide are prepping for when the social media giant hides “likes” from followers. CNN’s Kaya Yurieff has the details. “Instagram has framed the move as an attempt to ‘reduce pressure’ on the platform,” she writes. “The thinking: not getting enough likes can negatively impact some users’ self-esteem. But with this one tweak, Instagram could rattle some social media influencers [who have] worked to build a business on the platform, forcing them to adapt and make changes to their strategy.”

Weekly Moment of Zen

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