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TikTok On The Catwalk + #Cottagecore

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Going Local

The staycation trend is nothing new, of course. But the pandemic has kicked it into high gear. Now, the mission of destination marketing organizations now isn’t attracting out-of-state visitors. It’s encouraging local discovery, getting residents out to explore their own cities. TURNER’s Deborah Park offers a few strong examples that she has seen in recent months.

TikTok Fashion Month

TikTok has proven itself to be a trendsetter in many industries. Now, the platform has its sights set on fashion — usually Instagram’s domain. TikTok just announced its very own virtual fashion month, which kicks off this week, in tandem with the physical fashion weeks taking place globally in September and October. “TikTok is where authenticity meets creativity and people are genuinely comfortable sharing their true selves, from personal style to fashion,” said Lauren Jenkins, TikTok’s creator communications leader.


There’s a new travel craze sweeping across your social media feed — cottagecore! It’s all about cozy cabins, secluded forests and warbling songbirds. A nostalgic escape from the stresses and noise of modern life, in other words. “The return to nature, the revalorization of a simpler style of life and the romanticization of looking toward the past all came together to create cottagecore,” says Joe Flanagan, the founder of 90s Fashion World. “Travelers are looking for safety in isolation, reconnecting with nature and a return to simpler times.”

Travel Is Essential

Not many people are traveling in 2020; only a third of Americans say they have traveled overnight for leisure since March. But there’s no doubt that travel will be back. It’s in our genes. “Travel is an essential industry, an essential activity,” writes National Geographic’s Eric Weiner. “It’s not essential the way hospitals and grocery stores are essential. Travel is essential the way books and hugs are essential. Food for the soul. Right now, we’re between courses, savoring where we’ve been, anticipating where we’ll go.”

Weekly Moment of Zen

The internet is always evolving. Check out this amazing animation that shows the most popular websites since 1993.