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The Dream of the Digital Nomad

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Working From Paradise

The dream of the digital nomad lifestyle is more real than ever. Thanks to the pandemic, some remote workers moved to far-flung locales. The Wall Street Journal has the details on the future of the trend. “[H]ow many people actually flew to remote islands and worked from thatched huts in the midst of the pandemic?” asks Kathleen Hughes. “And as the world starts to open back up, are they returning to their offices—or are they staying in paradise? How do bosses react when they figure out the Bora Bora background in a Zoom call is real?”

How To Live Like A Digital Nomad

Does having an office in paradise sound good to you? Afar shares some tips on how to get started in your remote work wanderings, from someone who has already taken the plunge. “The freedom to wake up (sans alarm clock), decide whether to start the day with a swim, a trip to a new café, or a jungle hike leaves no doubt in my mind that becoming a digital nomad was the right move for me.”

Nomad Hospitality

What does the rise of the digital nomad mean for the hospitality industry? Forbes’ Vered Schwartz says that it’s the future, fueling travel’s eventual recovery. “Don’t market lodging solutions — market lifestyle and inspiration,” he advises. “When people can’t travel further than a couple of hours from their home, they will be looking for a unique experience that would make them feel special, pampered, daring — or in other words, make their friends green with envy.”

Future of Work

Digital Nomads – the reality show? PBS’s upcoming docuseries, Future of Work, takes a look at the “accelerated pace of change in the workplace and the potential for long-term impact on workers, employers, educators and communities across our country.” According to Forbes’ Jack Kelly, “the show will explore topics, such as balancing college debt with finding jobs that could pay it off, the gig economy, remote work, digital nomads, the surge in robotics, artificial intelligence, future-proofing your career and other trends emanating out of the pandemic.”

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