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The Customer Isn’t Always Right

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Google Certified

It’s been tough in the past to identify hotels that practice sustainability. But now, Google has stepped in to make it much easier. Inside Hook reports: “As of last week, the search engine began assigning some hotels a green ‘Eco-certified’ label next to a small leaf symbol immediately to the right of the property’s rating. It symbolizes — you guessed it — the hotel’s commitment to sustainability, recognized by a third-party agency and based on an evaluation that utilizes a set ​of globally recognized criteria.”

The Customer Isn’t Always Right

The pandemic has changed the way that customers and the hospitality industry interact — sometimes for the worse. Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, hotels and restaurants are pushing back. “Restaurants and others in the hospitality business have long espoused ‘the customer is always right’ and ‘all are welcome,’” writes Clare Ansberry. “Now, many are rethinking that philosophy thanks to a surge in toxic customers and poor behavior.

Business Travel Boost

One of the main challenges that hotels have faced during the pandemic is the downturn in business travel. But all is not lost. “Business travelers are ready to travel again,” writes HospitalityNet’s Jefrey Walter. “However, they demand many modifications and flexible work areas with more technological capabilities.” Click the link for some smart strategies to retain business travelers.

Halloween Hotels

Holiday travel is shaping up to be big this year — even Halloween. According to new data from TripAdvisor, October 31 is the most popular fall hotel check-in date in the U.S. Travelers are looking for Spooktacular activities, too, with ghost tours topping the most booked experiences in the upcoming months.

Weekly Moment of Zen

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