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Textile Mill Transformations In South Carolina

South Carolina has been a textile industry powerhouse for hundreds of years now. And even today, textile production remains a major part of the Palmetto State’s economy. But South Carolina textile mills are changing from industrial spots to something else. As textile mill revitalizations continue throughout the Greenville, SC-area, at least four of these have major renovations underway. Check out some of the most textile transformations below.

Woodside Cotton Mill

Once the largest cotton mill in the world, Woodside Cotton Mill has big plans for the future. Sixty-two million dollars’ worth of plans! Renovations are underway that will turn Woodside Cotton Mill into a multi-use space with a brewery, general store, an events venue, a restaurant and 307 stylish residential lofts. Opened in 1902, the mill is on the National Register of Historic Places, so designers are committed to retaining Woodside’s classically beautiful architecture and ambiance.

Judson Mill

Another huge South Carolina textile mill, Judson Mill is also undergoing a 21st century metamorphosis. The 36-acre space will feature outdoor experiences like fountains, dog parks, grilling areas and 6.5 acres of green space. Builders expect Judson Mill’s transformation to be completed in four to five years.

Poe Mill

From textile mills … to skateboards! Poe Mill is on its way to becoming a multi-generational skate park, certified by the Street League Skating Fountain. It’s part of a multi-use rebirth for the mill, which burned down in 2002. There are also plans afoot for restaurants, townhouses and more.

Plush Mill

Finally, the Plush Mill is working with the Greenville Center for Creative Arts to transform into creative space for artists and art classes. The mill is also a sleek co-working destination, attracting a wide array of businesses and freelancers.

More Exciting South Carolina Experience and Attractions

  • Southern White RhinosRiverbanks Zoo and Garden will bring Southern White Rhinos back to the zoo for the first time since the 1980s. The rhino exhibit will open Summer 2020. The zoo is also planning to establish a breeding program among the animals.
  • Cypress Gardens – A 170-acre preserve and gardens located in Monck’s Corner, Cypress Gardens experienced historic flooding in 2015. But this gorgeous South Carolina destination reopened this past spring. Visitors can now experience everything Cypress Gardens has to offer, highlighted by an 80-acre blackwater bald cypress/tupelo swamp, surrounded by both boat and foot trails.
  • Stumphouse Park – Located in Upstate South Carolina, Stumphouse Park is home to tow of the area’s most interesting attractions. Stumphouse Tunnel was supposed to be a railroad tunnel connecting Charleston and the Midwest. But it was never finished. Now, it’s ready to be explored. Just a few feet away, the 200-foot Issaqueena Falls is one of the Palmetto State’s most majestic waterfalls.
  • Reconstruction Era – As part of the recently passed National Lands Bill, Beaufort’s Reconstruction Era National Monument has been re-designated and expanded into a National Historical Park. The Reconstruction era (1861 to 1898), the historic period in which the United States grappled with the question of how to integrate millions of newly freed African Americans into social, political, and labor systems, was a time of significant transformation within the United States.