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Sustainability Is Not A Trend

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The Digital Experience

For guests, the hospitality experience starts long before their trips. “No surprise, consumers are relying more and more on digital channels and platforms for all of their travel needs, from researching to booking,” Adobe reports in a handy report rounding up digital trends in travel and hospitality. Look for virtual reality experiences that pair VR devices with consumers’ mobile devices to become ubiquitous soon. Additionally, consumption of digital travel content is on the rise. It’s important to have a robust content program in place.

Checking In

Traditional check-in and check-out times – a thing of the past? More hotels are adopting a flexible approach, according to the New York Times. “[N]owadays The Hoxton and other hotels are embracing more elastic time frames as an across-the-board offering — a move that substantially changes the guest experience, particularly for business and red-eye travelers,” writes Sarah Firshein. We approve.

Deluxe Luxury

Luxury hospitality trends are evolving in the new decade as well. A new generation of upscale travelers are looking for authentic and innovative experiences, reports Everything Experiential. Hospitality companies need to identify its unique points and what differentiates them from the rest of its competitors. By doing so, it will automatically pin them high on the map. The new generation travelers will appreciate and value the uniqueness of the hotel and in turn make recurring visits and propagate the brand.”

Sustainability Is Not A Trend

Of course, one of the hottest trends in hospitality is sustainability. But Bob Rauch, President of RAR Hospitality and Sarah Andersen, Business Development Manager at RAR Hospitality say it’s more than just a trend. “Climate change myths include the ideas that green operation is more expensive and that guests are not interested in sustainability,” they write. “Yet research and studies have proven otherwise.” But how do you know if your eco-friendly hotel or resort is actually sustainable? Check out Outside’s guide to which “green” hotel certifications are the real deal.

Weekly Moment of Zen

Never mind service dogs. This woman brought a mini-service horse onto her flight. First class, of course.