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Studio Fitness, Diverse Voices & The “Glocal” Shift

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The Studio Fitness Experience

In the weeks and months following the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown, studio fitness brands had to rapidly shift gears in an unprecedented way. Consumers still had a hunger for a wide array of studio fitness options — perhaps even more so than before the pandemic. TURNER’s Brianna Farulla takes a look at how fitness brands are adapting to the new world.

Diverse Voices in Podcasting

The world of travel is a diverse place. It’s vital that everyone in the industry listen to voices beyond their own bubbles. A great way to expand your horizons is via the ever-expanding podcast universe. It’s here that the challenges and pleasures of traveling are being discussed in detail. TURNER’s Naureen Kazi has gathered just a handful of great travel podcasts hosted by diverse voices.

The “Glocal” Shift

Facebook just published a report that details five global shifts shaping the future now. One of the most interesting is what the platform calls the “Glocal Community.” During the pandemic, people have “developed a deeper appreciation for the people and businesses that make a neighborhood a community.” The numbers tell the tale. On Facebook, from February to May 2020, clicks on searches for local businesses increased by 23 percent. What’s more, local groups on Facebook grew their membership by 3.3 times.

Acceptable Travel

With the ongoing pandemic, many people are wondering whether they should be traveling. The New York Times looks at how this topic has become a flashpoint. “Some people say that people should only go on essential trips. Others say pleasure trips within driving distance are acceptable,” writes Tariro Mzezewa. “The various delineations of what’s right and what’s not are causing fights between family members and creating fissures among friends.”

Weekly Moment of Zen

Next year is already looking good. French Toast Girl Scout Cookies are on the way.