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Sparking Joy While You Travel

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The Instagram Effect

Instagram is transforming destinations – and it’s not all good. Many hotspots are suffering from over-tourism as a result of viral Instagram success. But some destinations are fighting back, according to Fast Company. Remember Luke Skywalker’s retreat in The Force Awakens? It’s Skellig Michael in Iceland. Today, Melissa Locker writers, “the UNESCO World Heritage Site allows no more than 180 tourists per day and has been known to close to tourists to let nature have its way.” The legendary Machu Picchu, meanwhile, is only allowing 5,000 tourists per day. That’s still more than UNESCO recommends, but it’s still an improvement.

Sparking Joy While You Travel

Marie Kondo’s KonMarie trend is exploding in 2019, thanks to the Japanese de-cluttering guru’s new Netflix show. How can you take KonMarie on the road? PopSugar has the answer. It’s not all about folding your clothes into neat little rectangles. “The KonMari Method is about asking yourself, “What sparks joy?” but when it comes to traveling, I ask myself, ‘What do I really, really need?’” writes Anna Monette Roberts. Are you ready for minimalist packing? Maybe you don’t need to bring along six pairs of shoes on this trip …

Quit Your Job, Hit The Road

Beware! Once you’ve managed to spark joy during the packing process, you may not be able to stop traveling. Travel + Leisure has tips from globetrotters who have left the 9 to 5 behind for a life filled with endless exploration. There are practical matters – use cash back rewards and loyalty programs! Then there are more general tips: like not making it all about social media. Traveler Michelle Phan has nine million YouTube followers, but she’s cut back her online presence drastically while she travels. Travel for the joy of it, not for the “likes.”

Conscious Travel

While you’re out there discovering the world full-time, you may notice that the “conscious travel” trend is spreading far and wide. According to Skift, “the term is meant to describe any travel experience that empowers people to make meaningful or lasting changes in their lives.” The concept began in the adventure travel zone, but it’s becoming a part of luxury landscape, too. “Travel needs to be more responsible,” Oetker Collection CEO Frank Marrenbach says. “Sustainability needs to be taken more into consideration. Equal rights for your team and more gender equality.”

Weekly Moment of Zen

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