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Should I Cancel My Trip?

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Should I Cancel My Trip?

With the Delta variant spreading, travelers are once again having second thoughts about their vacations this fall. But it’s not all doom and gloom for the tourism industry, writes the New York Times. “[W]hile the slowdown is puncturing hopes of a rebound after the travel industry’s worst year in recent history, the dip in bookings is — for now — relatively small, according to travel advisers and hospitality companies. The hope is that the current situation will be more of a speed bump than a stoplight.”

Prices Soaring

One thing is for sure — the cost of travel during coronavirus is going up. Way up. Writer Elaine Glusac looks into her crystal ball to see how prices will look in the near future. “Now, with rising vaccine rates, will flexible schedules continue to allow travelers to change their Zoom backgrounds this fall, or will fear of the Delta variant and in-person work or learning curtail it?”

Big Spenders

However, rising costs aren’t necessarily a turn-off for travelers in 2021. In fact, many are spending more than ever on their vacations, reports Forbes’ Amy Danise. “Perhaps because of delayed vacations and a lot of cabin fever, Americans are shelling out more for their trips than before Covid shutdowns hit. Averaging spending for many destinations is up compared to pre-pandemic trips.

Work + Play

With many of us still doing our jobs remotely, the work/life balance has become increasingly hard to maintain. One solution? The company-wide vacation. “[S]ome companies are taking a new, novel approach to battle employee burnout by embracing company-wide vacation periods,” writes TravelPulse’s Laurie Baratti. “That means closing down the entire office and giving all employees the same week of paid time off. The trend began by gaining popularity among tech firms this summer.”

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