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Seafire Guardians Protect Grand Cayman’s Coral Reefs

Sustainability is woven throughout Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa in Grand Cayman. The resort features open-air architecture, meandering gardens, solar panels, eco-friendly materials and modern designs. All of these elements utilize natural elements to maximize energy efficiency. Recently, Kimpton Seafire joined forces with a local dive company to replenish coral in the Caribbean waters. As the project expanded, so did Seafire’s commitment — which is why the resort is thrilled to announce the creation of Seafire Guardians.

Seafire Guardians

As part of the new initiative, the property sponsored staff members to become coral certified through the PADI Coral Restoration course. This resulted in Seafire staff members joining in on the efforts, ultimately forming the Seafire Guardians. The group’s mission is to protect, develop and regenerate the ocean’s coral reefs. As rainforests of the sea, the reefs are not just a diver’s dream. These ecosystems also support an astonishing 25 percent of marine life. Also, they act as natural breakwaters, defending the island from hurricanes and storms. By taking healthy extracts, the Guardians carefully relocate and cultivate coral underwater, using aquatic nurseries.

Further Eco-Friendly Efforts

Seafire Guardians also educate fellow resort team members and guests. They often show coral and dive footage on the resort’s outdoor cinema screen. Also, their efforts aren’t just underwater. The group participates in beach clean ups and turtle nesting conservation activities. It all fits in with Seafire’s overall mission to spread awareness of the environmental issues that are faced in Grand Cayman.