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The Return of Road Trips and the Rise of Shopping Squads


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Facebook’s Big E-Commerce Move

Last week, Facebook announced Facebook Shops, which the social media powerhouse is hoping will make Facebook a powerful e-commerce destination a la Amazon. “This is the biggest step that we’ve taken yet [in e-commerce],” Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said in an announcement. What does Facebook Shops mean for brands? TURNER’s Melanie Dennig takes a close look and offers some insight and analysis.

Shopping Squads

Virtual group shopping is shaping up as a new e-commerce trend. Building upon peer-to-peer connection in the vein of Netflix Party and Instagram Co-Watching, a new platform, Squadded Shopping Party, has emerged that allows users to go shopping together in groups as if inside a virtual mall.  With social recommendations prompting more impulse purchases, the platform’s success in China could translate to the U.S.

The Road Trip Returns

The travel industry is trying to find its way in 2020. One thing’s clear. The road trip is going to be a major part of travelers’ plans in the future — and the media is paying attention. Outside Magazine has a first-timers’ guide to car camping. The Today Show debuted a segment entitled “The Hottest Ticket This Summer: The RV.” Conde Nast Traveler is giving tips on how to rent a recreational vehicle for newbies. In other words, the open road is calling this summer — and it’s time for destinations to start prepping for an influx of road trippers. Get a little more insight into the COVID era traveler’s mindset via TURNER’s Campbell Levy.

Back In The Air Again

Meanwhile, air travel is making a bit of a comeback, CNN reports. “For the first time in weeks, Americans are booking more flights than they’re canceling, and US airlines are adding flights to their schedules,” writes Chris Isidore. “Southwest, Delta and United Airlines are pulling back on the deep cuts in their current schedules because of improved bookings.” However, there’s long way to go to get back to pre-COVID numbers.

Weekly Moment Of Zen

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