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The Rise of the Microbreak

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Going Global

The world is changing – and the way we travel is changing with it. Open-minded adventurers are increasingly interested not only in experiencing new cultures but learning from them as well. The World Economic Forum calls this the “new culture economy.” “The collision of two trends – globalization and the experience economy – has ignited a new travel zeitgeist with cultural curiosity at its heart,” writes Kris Naudt. “The phenomenon is having a profound impact on people’s interactions and definitions of cultural exploration, and presents an incredible commercial opportunity.” These travelers are culturally aware and culturally curious. They want to immerse themselves in a culture and feel at home everywhere.

Alone Again, Naturally

The solo travel trend continues to grow – especially for women. Refinery29 talked with several solo travelers to get the latest. Where are the best places? What motivates them and inspires them? How do they deal with loneliness on the road? “I’m tired of the narrative of solo travel being scary,” says Jessica Nabongo who set out to become the first black woman to visit every country in the world in 2017. “I disagree and think moments like that are just bad luck. When you’re travelling solo you have to be open to meeting strangers. Always follow your gut and intuition, but try not to be suspicious of everyone.”


Sometimes you don’t have the time or freedom to take an epic vacation. Don’t worry. A new travel trend is the microbreak. It’s a one- or two-night getaway that can recharge your batteries. The best part? There’s no big price tag. “Microbreaks are super, super quick and easy trips for people to take not only in between longer vacations, but also just to scratch that wanderlust itch if maybe you can’t get away or afford a trip to Hawaii,” Expedia spokesperson Alexis Tiacoh told CNBC. Get the full Microbreak scoop.

The New Age of Conversation

Mobile messaging is transforming the way that travelers and travel businesses interact online. “By using messaging to enter into a conversation with consumers, travel brands will be able to strike up more meaningful and flexible one-to-one relationships,” writes PhocusWire. The relationships can be personalized, immediate and conversational. The fact that these conversations take place on mobile messaging apps? That means it’s a familiar and comfortable environment for consumers.

Weekly Moment of Zen

Summer is here – and we’re in the mood for ice cream. Here are the best ice cream shops in all 50 states.