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5 Smart Quarantine Marketing Campaigns


Brands have had to respond quickly in the COVID-19 era, but speed isn’t the only factor to consider. Marketing campaigns need to be smart and sensitive to the current moment, offering inspiration with a dose of distraction, humor and a helping of social responsibility. Here are a few recent marketing campaigns that have achieved this tricky balancing act perfectly.

Vans: Foot The Bill

Vans Foot The Bill quarantine campaign

Legendary shoemaker Vans has definitely earned its fair share of good will in recent months, thanks to its Foot The Bill campaign. The brand partnered with local and community-driven skate shops, restaurants, art galleries and music venues, supporting them with custom-designed Vans footwear. Vans isn’t taking a dime. Proceeds from the sale of each pair of these custom Vans go directly to our small business partners.

  • TURNER Takeaway: Brands that are stepping up and lending a helping hand to small businesses or frontline workers during this time will be well-remembered long after the current crisis has passed, earning consumer loyalty and love. 

Pedigree: Dogs On Zoom

We’re big dog fans at TURNER, so this one went straight to our hearts. Pedigree’s new Dogs on Zoom quarantine campaign offered a way for shelters to host virtual dog adoption events that let potential pup-parents to “meet” their new pet. Pedigree saw Zoom as an opportunity to help people have some sort of normalcy while adopting a pet, while still maintaining proper social distance.

  • TURNER Takeaway: Pedigree not only helped get dogs into homes, but also boosted brand awareness, marketing itself early on in the pet-owner relationship and laying the groundwork for long-term loyalty. The feel-good results of pet adoption capture their target audience’s attention, too.

DoorDash: Virtual Restaurant Experience

DoorDash quarantine campaign

This one is perfect for those of us missing a night out of the house. DoorDash just launched a series of free downloadable virtual backgrounds featuring some of America’s most popular restaurant chains to “create a dining-out experience at home.” Backgrounds include The Cheesecake Factory, Panera, Cracker Barrel, and McDonalds – and select restaurants have also shared dining room playlists, which users can stream via Spotify.

  • TURNER Takeaway: This is an easy, clever way to encourage takeout and gathering with loved ones at your favorite restaurant virtually. Even better, this quick quarantine campaign allows the brands to keep the restaurant industry top of mind amongst consumers with minimal budget.

Puzzle Mania

It’s not a puzzling trend. With so many people stuck at home and in need of a distraction, the classic jigsaw puzzle has made a major comeback. In fact, the revival has made getting your hands on new puzzles pretty challenging. To meet this demand, some brands, including Heinz, McDonald’s and Arby’s, have offered up their own puzzles. Destinations are getting in on the game as well. Both the Bermuda Tourism Authority and Explore Georgia have introduced interactive digital puzzles.

  • TURNER Takeaway: These brands have responded in a quick and on-trend manner with a fun and socially responsible quarantine campaign. A puzzle is a great, unique way to stay top-of-mind during this time while folks are staying home and looking for entertainment.

GLAD: #TrashDayCostume

During this time of social distancing, we’ve had to make mundane household tasks interesting. Hey, sometimes taking out the trash is the most exciting part of a quarantined day. In response, trash bag maker GLAD developed for an irreverent campaign — #TrashDayCostume. The brand partnered with influencers, notably including Lucie Fink, who wore her wedding dress to take trash out. GLAD also added an extra layer of giveback with a “thank you” initiative aimed at sanitation workers.

  • TURNER Takeaway: This quarantine campaign is a great example of how brands can create moments of joy and humor while remaining relevant to consumers.

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