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The Podcast Wars

podcast wars

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Listen Up

Let’s face it: the past year-and-a-half threw most of us for a loop. Routines were disrupted. Stress was ever-present. Fitness went out the window. Now, with light at the end of the tunnel, we’re all looking for ways to reboot. But where to begin? These wellness podcasts can help you bounce back.

2021’s Best Podcasts (So Far)

Podcast listening was way up in 2020, with more people discovering their favorite ‘casts (and more people starting their own ‘casts). With tons of options out there, it can be hard to keep up. Time Magazine has a handy guide to the best podcasts of 2021 so far. “With billion-dollar companies jockeying for position in the forthcoming podcast wars and some of the most famous shows courting controversy, it can be hard to distinguish the truly great shows from the noise,” write the editors. “But there’s plenty to love out there.”

Like & Subscribe

The podcast wars are heating up, with Spotify and NPR planning subscription platforms. This week, Apple launched a podcast subscription service, as well. Engadget has the details. “The service lets you pay for a range of perks from your favorite creators including ad-free listening, early access and bonus episodes and archived content. Prices start from 49 cents a month in the US for individual shows or groups of shows.”

Exclusivity Clause

As those podcast wars get going, the major players are trying to get into exclusive relationships with the biggest stars. The most recent team-up is Spotify and Alexandra Cooper, host and creator of the popular podcast “Call Her Daddy,” which was previously available via Barstool Sports. The cash that Spotify was willing to shell out for exclusive rights to “Call Her Daddy”? A cool $20 million.

Weekly Moment of Zen

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