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New Year, New Trends

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How We Travel In 2019

New year, new trends! On the travel and tourism trend front, Conde Nast Traveler has us covered. For 2019, Cannabidiol (CBD) looks to be a contender in hotel and resort spas. Not familiar with CBD? It’s a non-psychoactive compound derived from marijuana plants – totally legal in many states, not to mention Canada and the UK. Spa practitioners at hotels have started using CBD to reduce muscle soreness and tension, as well as anxiety and stress for guests. Also interesting is the rise of biometric airports, which use fingerprint and facial recognition tech to get you where you’re going faster. We’re into it!

This Year’s Wellness

And how about the latest in wellness trends for 2019? Mindbodygreen has the skinny. The gym will change. “We bet you’ll also start to see a lot more gadgets like this popping up at your local gym, and in studios solely dedicated to recovery,” the editors write. The ancient healing system of Ayurveda is poised to go mainstream. Influential celebs like Busy Phillips, Kate Hudson and Liv Tyler swear by it. And say hello to the concept of “financial wellness” – it’s a response to the fact that everyone is stressed out about money. Check out the full list of wellness trends.

Influencing The Future

Influencer marketing is a still-evolving space, with new twists and turns every year. According to Forbes, 2019 will still be dominated by Instagram, which was a part of 93 percent of all influencer campaigns last year. “Instagram’s snackable photos and brief videos, and the company’s savvy attention to its creators’ needs (as compared to Snap’s active antipathy), and you can see why Instagram is the place to be for brands and influencers these days,” writes David Bloom. Additionally, look for brands and influencers to start forming long term relationships. That’s right – we’re ready to commit, if we find that special someone.

Pinned Up

Instagram may be the social network to beat these days, but don’t count Pinterest out. The quiet giant is a major player in getting its more than 250 million users to actually make purchases – not just hit “like” and move on. Pinterest’s 2019 roundup of 100 trends offers great insight into what people are dreaming about for the year ahead. “This is your chance to get a jump on what’s inspiring people for 2019. Ask yourself: What products, services and other ideas can your business spotlight—in your stores or online—to help people bring their dreams to life?” Pin it!

Weekly Moment of Zen

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