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Luxury Travel 2019

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Authentic Luxury

What’s hot in the luxury travel world this year? According to Luxury Travel Magazine, authenticity is everything. “Travelers now want to peel back the layers of a destination, and luxury increasingly means authentic experiences.” That means that luxury hotels and resorts should be offering ways for affluent travelers to really discover a place. No one wants to just kick back in their spacious suite! Similarly, luxury travelers want to be the first to discover the next big thing. They want to “explore lesser known areas and surprises surrounding a popular area.” Check out the mag’s complete roundup of luxury travel trends.

Cultural Relevance

Want to go even further into this year’s luxury travel trends? Take some time to dig into Skift’s report. “Luxury is no longer defined by pristine interiors and personalized service but limited knowledge-based access, distinct cultural experiences, and curated, specific references. Luxury hotels opening the doors to those experiences set themselves apart for future generations of affluent travelers.” Now, it’s time for luxury resorts and hotels to start getting creative. Amenities aren’t what they used to be!

Make It Personal

Virtuoso dives deeper into 2019’s luxury travel trends — one of which is personalization. “Luxury travelers are also looking for personalized travel, requesting VIP airport arrival services and private helicopter transfers to and from the airport. While at their destinations, they are now asking for unconventional accommodations, like an igloo in Norway or a tent in the Moroccan desert.” Along the same lines, wildlife-related luxury adventure travel experiences are on the rise — with an emphasis on humane treatment of animals.

Going Vegan

Speaking of humane treatment of animals, some luxury travelers are going above and beyond. They’re looking for luxury hotels that offer vegan options. And we’re not just talking about culinary options. According to MarketWatch, “the five-star Hilton London Bankside hotel has a posh new vegan suite created entirely without animal products. Think cotton carpets and fabrics, plant-based toiletries, pillows made sans animal feathers and the ability to summon a cauliflower steak and five-bean dal with room service.”  Once the realm of alternative lifestyles, veganism is getting elevated!

Weekly Moment of Zen

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