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Revenge Spending & The Best Ways To Learn From Home

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Learning From Home

There’s always more to learn – especially now, when there are new trends and developments emerging every day. With conferences and events canceled (or moved into the virtual space) this summer, educational webinars are a way to stay on top of the latest developments, no matter what industry you’re in. By studying from home today, we can acquire necessary tools for tomorrow, writes TURNER’s Naureen Kazi. Check out a handful of travel industry webinars worth your time and her takeaways on them.

Rethinking & Reevaluating Meetings & Events

The COVID-19 era has forced event planners and brands to rethink their approach to meetings. Obviously, things are moving into the virtual space. But up ahead is a hybrid of both in-person experiences and online offerings. How can a virtual event deliver big results? What can companies do to ensure that their events budgets are well-spent? Amber Appelbaum looks into her crystal ball and envisions the future of meetings and events.

The Future of Travel

A must-read for anyone even tangentially involved in the travel industry. The New York Times takes an in-depth look at the ways that coronavirus has ravaged the tourism world — and then tries to envision a way forward. The piece features interviews with everyone from “academics to tour operators to airport architects.” Together, they try to answer the most pressing questions about the future of travel.

Revenge Spending

The next big trend in retail news? “Revenge spending.” People are coming out of quarantine ready to drop some serious dollars. In China, stores have been reopening and consumers are over-compensating for their time away by splurging. For example, the Hermes store in Guangzhou reported $2.7 million in sales the day it reopened. But it might not just benefit luxury brands. Analysts expect people in the post-pandemic world to shop more locally, spending their money at nearby shops.

Weekly Moment of Zen

Breaking news! One of the world’s smallest cats chirps like a wee bird, first-ever audio recording reveals. Hear it now.