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Ladies First

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Ladies First

Women are leading the way in the travel world. According to Forbes, 33 percent of all travel companies are owned by women and approximately 70 percent of employees in the travel business, as a whole, are women. In other words, the future of travel is female. In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2020, get to know 13 women who are fearlessly changing the face of the travel industry.

Alone Together

The solo travel trend is still going strong. And now, many travel groups out there that specialize in curating group tours specifically for solo travelers. “For those who are a bit wary of traveling all by themselves but don’t want to miss out on the opportunities solo travel affords, there are options,” writes Refinery29. One of those options is to travel solo with a group.” With them, you can experience the freedom of solo travel … without actually having to take the trip alone.

Best Travel Apps

No matter whether you’re going it alone or with a group, the ever-expanding world of travel apps is very much worth exploring. Fortune has rounded up the most useful travel apps. “More than 2 million options populate Apple’s app store, and sorting the junk from actually useful tools can be difficult—especially when it comes to travel,” writes Naomi Tomky. “Phone apps undeniably make traveling easier, putting maps, guides, and translations at the push of the button. But for expert travelers, it’s less about finding the best general travel app and more about finding the niche information they can trust.”

Second City

In 2020, many travelers are skipping the big-name destinations. It’s part of the “second city” travel trend, which encourages travel to lesser-known (but still awesome) spots and attractions. And the trend not just good for travelers. It’s good for destinations as well. “Put simply, second city travel involves exploring the lesser-known destinations of a country to reduce overtourism,” reports Vanessa Elle. “This, in turn, helps to protect the environment from the structural damage that results from mass tourism.”

Weekly Moment of Zen

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