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Never Mind The Mall – Log On To Instagram

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Invisible Likes

As noted previously, Instagram has been hiding “likes” on posts in certain countries this summer. How is it working out so far? The BBC has the early response from influencers: “Jem Wolfie, a food and fitness influencer from Perth with 2.7 million followers, complained on national radio that Instagram had taken away a critical tool. A young Melbourne Instagrammer, Mikaela Testa, tearily took to YouTube denouncing the platform’s move. Both women were immediately bombarded with jibes from across social and mainstream media to ‘get a real job.’” However, some influencers are welcoming the change, saying that invisible likes will make Instagram feel less like a popularity contest.

Never Mind The Mall – Log On To Instagram

The third season of Stranger Things might have sent you into a nostalgic reverie for the shopping malls of yesteryear. But why go to the mall in 2019 when you can just scroll through Instagram? QZ reports that the platform has developed into an e-commerce powerhouse. “The company has also been making it easier to buy directly on Instagram, introducing Checkout, where users can purchase products right from brand posts and influencers on Instagram, without ever exiting the app. Companies can also now inject posts from influencers hawking their products into your feed as ads, even if you don’t follow the brand or influencer.”

Misinformation Crackdown

Have you ever been on Instagram and come across something that you know is false? According to CNN, Instagram has a solution. The platform is rolling out a tool that allows you to flag misinformation. Just click the three dots in the upper right corner. Then, designate a post as “inappropriate.” Then, mark it as “false information.” Then, the post will be reviewed by Instagram’s fact-checkers. However, if it’s found to be a false or misleading post, it won’t be removed. But it won’t be displayed on the platform’s search, hashtag or explore pages.

New Threads

Instagram may have a new “companion app” coming your way soon, according to The Verge. Say hello to Threads, a messaging app that lets you your status, location, and more with your closest friends. “The app, which is designed for sharing with your “close friends” list on Instagram, is now being tested internally at Facebook,” writes Casey Newton. It seems to be part of Instagram’s attempt to replicate the success of Snapchat, which has an incredibly high engagement rate with younger users. Will Snapchat finally be defeated?! Stay tuned …

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