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TURNER POV: Instagram Checkout

Get the details on Instagram Checkout, a new shopping function built into the native app. It’s changing the game when it comes to e-commerce.

Why You Should Be Checking Out Instagram Checkout

Using Instagram Checkout, brands can build digital storefronts on a platform where they already have an established presence. When a user finds a product they love, he or she can buy it without leaving the app. This offers higher engagement and retail ROI potential. Brands using Checkout are already posting impressive numbers.

However, brands currently need to be connected to a Facebook account to use Instagram Checkout. From there, a Facebook catalog can be created and managed on Catalog Manager or Business Manager on Facebook, or alternatively through Shopify or BigCommerce platforms.

While Checkout was introduced in March 2019, it was only available to a few select brands. Facebook (which owns Instagram) is now poised for a much wider roll-out throughout 2020.


After about a year of beta-testing, Instagram Checkout is slowly adding in more brands. Although not all brands are able to use this feature yet, larger retail brands should (fingers-crossed) expect a roll-out in the near future.

In-App checkout makes shopping experience easy for customers on mobile. The technology is moving so quickly that brands will need a nimble strategy moving forward. Checkout is not be widespread yet. But brands that aren’t invested in social shopping yet should be putting at least a small effort there to test what types of content resonate, baseline audience behavior, etc.

  • Expect Checkout to roll out more widely this year, with more lucrative ROI for the early adopter. Also expect consumers to look for (and expect) this functionality with their favorite brands.
  • This is one piece of a larger social shopping field that is expanding rapidly (“shop the look” pins; Shopify within Snapchat stories; TikTok social commerce links). However, it has the potential to dwarf all other social shopping in scale and reach.
  • Look for the influencer model to change as a result of Instagram Checkout. Creators on the platform are also gaining access to Checkout through brands. Influencers that have partnered with brands on paid Instagram posts are now able to tag Checkout-enabled products in their own feeds.