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If you’re anything like us, you read a lot during 2020 — for escape, for education, for fun. And if you’re looking to spread the bookworm love this season, our latest holiday gift guide rounds up a few great books that we’ve loved this year. From pure escapism to works that tackle today’s most pressing social issues, there’s a book for everyone on your list.

Buying Trends

Books were big in 2020. But that’s not the only major retail development that the pandemic has brought about. Gear Patrol takes a look at how this year turned shopping lists upside down. “Smartphone sterilizers that bathe your gadgets in ultraviolet light. Scented hand sanitizers instead of cologne. Birdfeeders that bring the great outdoors to you. The objects that defined a year of lockdown, social distancing and hygiene aren’t fleeting. They are here to stay.”

In The Clubhouse

This year has also seen the rise of TikTok as a major social media platform. But is there another contender on the horizon. Some analysts predict that Clubhouse may be the next big social media thing. Social Media Examiner has the details. “Clubhouse is a live audio app that allows people to listen to or actively participate in live discussions. Nothing is recorded. When the room ends, that conversion is gone forever.” Worth keeping an eye on …


You may opt out of adding Clubhouse to your app library. But if you’re planning on traveling in the new year, you’re probably going to want CommonPass. According to Forbes, it “provides information about entry requirements to foreign countries and offer a verified platform on which to store and display COVID-19 test results and, eventually, vaccination records.” CommonPass is currently in trials, but it may become a travel necessity in 2021.

Weekly Moment of Zen

Never mind Miracle on 34th Street. Here are 10 new holiday movies to binge during winter break.