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How We’ll Be Traveling In The Future

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How We’ll Be Traveling In The Future

Travel is changing – fast. Fast Company has looked into their crystal ball and given us a vision of the future, more than three decades ahead. One thing is for sure: air travel is going to be very different. “If the aviation industry were a country, it would rank among the world’s top 10 emitters of carbon dioxide (CO₂),” write John Grant and Keith Baker Aviation emissions have risen by 70 percent since 2005, and as demand increases in rich and poorer countries, they’re forecast to increase by between 300 percent and 700 percent by 2050.” What’s the solution? Perhaps flight rationing. Perhaps electric airplanes. Or perhaps more high-speed rail options. We shall see!

Making Business Travelers Smile

Business travel is here to stay. But what are these travelers looking for? According to HospitalityNet, health and wellness is essential. But business travelers don’t feel they’re getting the right level of health offerings. Peggy Studer writes: “Considering the high levels of global interest for what have traditionally been considered leisure activities, like yoga (43 percent), Cross Fit (33 percent), and meditation (32 percent), it may be smart to partner with hotels that offer these wellness option or with hotels that work with gyms nearby that do so in order to raise sentiment among North American travelers.”

Representation Counts

According to Mandala Research Firm, 17 percent of African Americans take one or more international trips and travel locally more than six times per year. But this large audience isn’t being catered to, according to CNN. Say hello to Travel Noire. “Besides addressing the under representation of travelers of color, Travel Noire aims to challenge limiting beliefs around the accessibility of travel while providing access to resources that cater to their needs.”

Reddit Travel Hacks

Where do you get your travel hacks? You might want to check out Reddit. The crowd-sourced platform (which boasts 330 million monthly users) has become a hotbed of useful travel tips and trends. The Washington Post has combed through various subreddit boards to gather the very best travel hacks. Find out how to take care of your skin on a flight. Discover the best travel pants. Is the stuff in your suitcase too weird? Reddit has the goods.

Weekly Moment of Zen

Hotels.com is looking for a reviewer to write about pet-friendly hotels. Only four-legged canines need apply.