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How AI Tools Like ChatGPT Are Already Impacting The Travel Industry

Travel and AI

ChatGPT, the powerful generative artificial-intelligence software, is making headlines in all industries. What about its impact on the travel industry, though?

Artificial Vacation

The New York Times investigates the possibilities — and potential concerns regarding AI and travel planning. One problem is that ChatGPT gets its info from the internet. “The software doesn’t always know the difference between reliable and unreliable information on the internet, so it can offer answers that are untrue,” writes Julie Weed. “ChatGPT’s maker, OpenAI, also warns that the software may occasionally produce ‘biased content.’”


Does the rise of artificial intelligence mean that destination marketers are getting into the game? Not yet, according to Skift. DMOs are taking a wait-and-see approach so far. Dawit Habtemariam writes: “Tourism board executives think ChatGPT is impressive, but they haven’t seen solid evidence of its real-world application in destination marketing so far to make a sizeable investment.”

Brand Building

Never mind building a vacation itinerary. Can you get artificial intelligence to build your entire brand? MarTech looks into what is and isn’t possible. “Today, the outputs of ChatGPT are impressive in documentation areas,” writes Theresa Kushner. “It can assist — but not replace — humans in writing reports, outlines, creating press releases, books or developing surveys. It helps writers and editors get started in developing pieces of content. When you have writer’s block and are stuck, ChatGPT can come to the rescue.”

Social Transformation

Artificial intelligence could be a gamechanger for social media, according to Forbes. “From automatic content moderation and personalized recommendations to the ads we watch and beyond, AI is reshaping the way we interact and connect online,” writes Rem Darbinyan, the Founder/CEO of SmartClick. “AI tools help enhance features of social media platforms and lead social media activities at scale across a number of use cases, including text and visual content creation, social media monitoring, ad management, influencer research, brand awareness campaigns and more.”

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