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Super Bowl Sunday Hits & Misses

OK, so the game itself wasn’t exactly one for the ages. But Super Bowl LV, which took place over the weekend in Tampa, still delivered in the most important way: the commercials. Brands pulled out all the stops this year, bringing onboard big-name celebs and burning through big-time budgets. Some of this year’s Super Bowl ads were hits. Others were misses. Some were just plain weird. Check out a handful that caught the TURNER digital team’s attention … for better or worse.

The Rise of Reddit

Reddit made a little noise on Super Bowl Sunday, thanks to a clever five-second ad spot. It’s already been a heady 2021 for the digital community platform, as a result of the recent GameStop / Wall Street episode. Now, according to the New York Times, Reddit has “raised $250 million in new funding, valuing the social news start-up at $6 billion as it aims to turbocharge user growth and double its work force.”

Tweet Subscriptions

Another long-running online platform is looking to make some changes. Twitter announced plans to introduce subscription services and other paid-content options. “The company is considering a range of ideas,” reports TechCruch. These include “tipping, paid consumer-facing features like profile customizations or an ‘undo send’ option, or subscription-based access to Twitter’s Tweetdeck app.”

TikTok vs. Reels

The battles between TikTok and Instagram’s Reels heated up recently. Instagram doesn’t want TikTok’s leftovers apparently. The platform said that its algorithm will be less likely to promote videos that feature watermarks (such as those from TikTok) from other sources. In other words, Reels wants original content — not your recycled TikToks. Influencers, take note!

Weekly Moment of Zen

Hotels.com is letting you reserve a dumpster for your “trash” ex on Valentine’s Day.