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The Health, Wellness & Fitness Trends That Will Define 2021

wellness trends 2021

The wellness industry was turned upside down in 2020. But thanks to innovation, dedication and just good old fashioned hard work, this year is looking bright. With help from our partners at Mindbody, here are a handful of the 2021 wellness trends that we’ll be watching in the months to come.

The No-Touch Method

Cryotherapy, compression therapy, salt caves, infrared saunas, IV drips, hyperbaric chambers, and float tanks … These wellness techniques may sound like the stuff of science fiction. But the future is now — and it’s all about niche, no-touch services. Even after the pandemic is over, many people will still feel antsy about the physical touch aspect of massages, facials and beyond. As a result, we’ll see previously fringe touchless options gain in popularity.

  • Mindbody Data Point: Thirty-one percent of consumers are interested in trying out no-touch services.

Pure Barre GO

Virtual Is Here to Stay

The big wellness story of 2020 was the rapid rise of virtual fitness options. The big story of 2021? That virtual fitness isn’t going anywhere. Studios will reopen, but that virtual/in-person blend we’ve mentioned before will emerge as the new normal. Consumers have fallen in love with the convenience and diversity of choices that the virtual world offers. It also helps that virtual offerings are often cheaper than in-person options. Studio fitness will return, but it will have a virtual element incorporated. Options to consider in 2021 include Mindbody Flex, Mindbody’s latest virtual membership offer, STEEZY online dance classes and Pure Barre GO, offering outstanding barre workouts on demand.

  • Mindbody Data Point: More than 37 percent of Americans join a live stream workout at least once a week. Forty percent exercise to pre-recorded fitness videos.

The Fight Against Gymtimidation

At least one good thing has come out of the pandemic of 2020. It’s made Americans prioritize health and wellness. According to Mindbody, 59 percent said that they have become more focused on health and wellness since the pandemic started. And now, those people have more options when it comes to finding a workout routine they’re comfortable with. Fear of going to the gym — gymtimidation — is a thing of the past. The fitness curious can try out all kinds of workout styles from the comfort of home.

  • Mindbody Data Point: 56 percent of people surveyed said they’d feel more comfortable joining a gym or fitness studio if they were in better shape first.

Fitness Snacks

With fitness becoming more fluid in 2020, Americans are finding time to work out whenever (and wherever) they can. Marathon sessions are out. Snackable fitness is in. Think about it: we’re all juggling work, childcare and our personal lives. Limiting our fitness routines to manageable, bite-sized timespans helps us keep all of those balls in the air.

  • Mindbody Data Point: Thirty-nine percent say their workouts are a half hour or less.

Above the Mask Beauty

Masks became one of the most unexpected (but necesssary) wellness trends this year. And even when the pandemic stops surging, many people will continue wearing masks in certain public settings. In other words, above the mask beauty services are still in demand. While manicures and pedicures dropped substantially over 2020, Mindbody reports that lash extensions have only seen a 13 percent decrease since 2019. Permanent makeup, such as eyebrow tinting and microblading have not decreased in since 2019, even as a result of COVID.

  • Mindbody Data Point: Twenty percent of Americans say they’re spending more time on beauty and grooming than they were pre-pandemic

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