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Hardware Fashion & Hands-Free Hotels

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The World Is Your Classroom

It almost goes without saying: the future is remote. While remote work has been steadily gaining momentum for years, the pandemic of 2020 has brought about a major acceleration. Now, e-learning is part of the puzzle – a game changer for working families. TURNER’s Amber Steffens takes a deep dive into this new world and offers some personal tips for making the work/life/school/family blend work.

Hardware Fashion

New York Fashion Week is going to be very different this year. For one thing, there’s a hot new thing trending: Lowes. You read that right. Lowes, the hardware store. According to CNN, Jason Wu, Rebecca Minkoff and Christian Siriano will feature Lowe’s products in each of the their live New York Fashion Week shows. “The relevancy of fashion has shifted with the zeitgeist,” Lowe’s (LOW) Chief Brand and Marketing Officer Marissa Thalberg told CNN Business. “People are very focused on their homes and how homes really are the new epicenter of fashion and self-expression.”

Hands-Free Hotels

Hotels and resorts have had to ramp up their cleanliness programs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, get ready for the hands-free hotel. Travel + Leisure has the details: “Certain hotels [will] provide a Google Nest Hub in each room, so a guest can make service requests, confirm local restaurant and shop hours, request property information, get weather reports, information about local attractions, or even control the lights or blinds in their room with a simple voice command.

The Year of Recovery

There’s no two ways about it. 2020 has been devastating for the travel industry. But will 2021 become the year of travel? Forbes’ Christopher Elliott looks at how a recovery period could look. “Many signs point to a quick rebound for travel in 2021,” he writes. “That’s because people will be making up for missed travel in 2020 and trying to use their travel vouchers, which expire soon. Travelers will have to time their trips carefully.”

Weekly Moment of Zen

A Fresh Prince of Bel Air reunion is what the world needs now …