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Gift Guides, Health Passports and the Future of Luxury Travel

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‘Tis The Season

It’s officially that time of year again — the gifting season! TURNER has put together a few handy holiday gift guides to make your life easier. The first is for the road-tripper in your life who is dreaming of the time when hitting the highway is safe again (come on, vaccine!). The second holiday gift guide is for your favorite minimalist who is trying to de-clutter. These gifts are great … and don’t take up any space.

Health Passport

Many of us are staying home for the holidays. But international travel could be revived sooner rather than later, thanks to a proposed “health passport.” According to the SF Gate, “the world’s airlines are developing a digital health passport that will collect and standardize coronavirus-related passenger data for border crossings and could jump-start international travel once it is widely used. Eventually, the current proof of negative test results prior to travel could be supplanted by proof of vaccination.”

The Future of Luxury

When travel does return, what will the jetset be looking for? Luxury Travel has some ideas. For one thing, travel will become more bespoke. “Price tag and exclusivity will no longer cut it,” the editors wrote. “With Social Distancing measures, the demands and definition of luxury travel will change for everyone. For some, it may mean more time with their family and privacy as hotel spaces are becoming rarer; for others, it may mean a private safari at a luxury lodge in Kenya.”

Life In 2025

Let’s look even further into the future, shall we? The Observer predicts that by 2025, the digital nomad lifestyle will be even bigger than ever. “The signals are already clear on the fringes, in a global subculture whose lifestyle is about to go mainstream: digital nomads,” writes Lauren Razavi. “Digital nomads were the early adopters of remote work over the past decade – combining constant global travel with online careers and businesses. Rather than sticking to one place, they leverage their ability to work from anywhere to spend time in different places. Sometimes a month or two, sometimes a year or two.”

Weekly Moment of Zen

Researchers call this prehistoric rock art discovered in Colombia the “Sistine Chapel of the ancients.”