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Getting real on Instagram

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Getting Real On Instagram

Instagram is a place where we can present the best versions of ourselves. But is the platform’s algorithm shifting towards more realistic content? Quartz has the details. “[O]ver the past year or so, there’ve been hints that photos that are unedited, more ‘real,’ or more ‘authentic’—a chief value of the influencer world—are performing better on the platform,” writes Hanna Kozlowska. No filter required?

CGI Influencers On The Rise

Some Instagram trends are the opposite of keeping it real on Instagram, however. Say hello to CGI influencers. “Digitally created avatars have been quietly appearing over the past few years, growing followings on social media, and even penetrating the real world by modeling for brands and uploading photos with real-life celebrities,” writes Lindsay Dodgson. Want to find out which one of these CGI influencers you should follow? Insider has a list of the best. Go ahead, take a trip into the Uncanny Valley!

Insta Itineraries

Whether your Instagram feed is filled with real people or CGI creations, it’s an inspiring platform. Especially if you’re a millennial who loves to travel. “Social media’s global reach is generating a surge in international travel, as vacationers are introduced to more obscure travel destinations and post them online, tagging their locations,” writes Hartford Magazine. “The more social users post about their trips, the more their followers see, like and share those destinations.”

Pinterest Bets Big On Shopping

Instagram has been making serious e-commerce moves in recent years. Now, Pinterest is going all in with some big changes to their e-commerce options. AdAge reports: “Instead of ‘buy’ buttons, there is a ‘shop’ tab,” writes Garrett Sloane. “Pinterest is about to roll out updated business pages, run by retailers and brands, with a new section called ‘shop,’ where it hopes companies will showcase a more comprehensive catalogue of products. But instead of buying the furniture, clothes or food right on Pinterest—as a buy button would allow—the shop pages lead back to a brand’s website for checkout.”

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