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We interrupt your regularly scheduled Weekly Download to announce that TURNER has been named one of OUTSIDE’s Best Places To Work for 2018. Notably, we’ve jumped a whopping 55 places up from 2017 – so we must be doing something right. The winning companies are those that value productivity in combination with an active, eco-conscious lifestyle, for a fulfilling experience inside and outside the office. The complete list of OUTSIDE’s Best Places to Work 2018 is over at OutsideOnline.com – and you can find out how TURNER transforms our jobs in OUTSIDE-worthy adventures right here.

Craft Beer + Halloween Candy

Halloween 2018 has come and gone. But if you’re a parent (or didn’t get many trick-or-treaters), you’re probably dealing with a surplus of fun-sized candy. What to do? Pair that candy with craft beer, of course. OUTSIDE has a handy guide to which brews go best with your sweets. A Heath Bar chased by Dogfish Head’s imperial stout with syrah? Yes, please. There’s also this important bit of advice: “If something sounds like a gross combo to you, then don’t try it.”

Road Rules

We love going on road trips. But without proper planning they can go quickly from adventure to disaster. Aaron Gulley (AKA The Modern Nomad) has some road trip rules to live by, whether you’re out there for a weekend, a month or even longer. “[A] good road trip means more than just getting there and back,” he writes. “My wife, Jen, and I have been living on the road on and off for three years and have developed a dialed process for trip planning… Part of the magic of living on the road is that you are no longer bound by the rigid schedule of home. Be flexible and enjoy it.”


Of course, some of the most memorable moments in outdoor travel come when you make mistakes. OUTSIDE’s Jacob Baynham says you should embrace those mistakes when you’re exploring with kids. Nature, after all, is the best teacher. “When kids go hiking, they learn to leverage fatigue, hunger, and pain toward an earned reward—a peak, a lake, or a picturesque lunch,” he writes. “When they’re paddling a canoe with someone, they learn to work together—and if it flips, they learn about fear.”

Weekly Moment of Zen

5 places you can shred with Olympians this winter.