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Eight Fusion Restaurants You Have To Try

Fusion cuisine – the combination of different cultures’ culinary traditions – remains one of the driving forces in the food world, with innovative chefs using global flavors to create new blends. Here are just a few fusion restaurants to check out. 


The Fusion: French + Chinese

The Location: 503 College St., Toronto

Dailo’s new Asian cuisine is predominantly Chinese fare but it follows the French tradition. At the heart of the menu is a love and respect for the dishes Chef Nick Liu ate growing up as the son of Hakka parents in Canada. But importantly, they are the dishes his ancestors have been eating for hundreds of years. Learn more.

Rasta Pasta

The Fusion: Jamaican + Italian

The Location: 61 Kensington Ave., Toronto

The name says it all. Located in the eclectic Toronto neighborhood of Kensington Market, Rasta Pasta combines the essence of Jamaican and Italian culture. Jerk Chicken Fettuccini, anyone? Learn more.

Chotto Matte

The Fusion: Japanese + Peruvian

The Location: Brookfield Place, 161 Bay St., Toronto

Did you know that there has been a vibrant Japanese community in Peru since the early 19th century? It’s true! Chotto Matte celebrates the marriage of the two countries’ cuisines in a vibrant, fun environment. Learn more.

Roy’s Baltimore

The Fusion: European + Hawaiian

The Location: 720 B Aliceanna St., Baltimore

Blending classic European techniques with adventurous Pacific Rim flavors, culinary pioneer Roy Yamaguchi created an entirely new approach to fine dining. Indulge in one of Roy’s spectacular cocktails or choose a glass from our award-winning wine list while you discover the fresh ingredients and outstanding seafood. Learn more.


The Fusion: Soup & Sub Shop + Vietnamese

The Location: 1065 S Charles St., Baltimore

Located on Baltimore’s Federal Hill, Phubs is a fast-casual dining spot offering beloved Vietnamese dishes with a familiar twist. Don’t miss the Phubolicious: Thin sliced steak, brisket, meatball, spinach and Napa in Beef Broth. Learn more.


The Fusion: Korean + American

The Location: 802 N. Charles St., Baltimore

Dooby’s is a Korean-inspired café serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s a classic diner in the morning – eggs in the AM & Korean at night! During the weekend brunch, the Pork Belly Benedict is a perfect culinary blend, with poached eggs, steamed buns, scallion hollandaise, hash, kimchi ketchup. Learn more.

Jazz + Soju

The Fusion: Korean + American

The Location: 900 East Fort Ave., Ste. 105, Baltimore

Korean fried chicken? Yes, please. Twice fried in soybean oil, Jazz + Soju’s famous Korean Fried Chicken is brushed with rich and delicious soy garlic or spicy soy garlic sauce. The restaurant is well-known for its bold flavor combos, as well as its soothing live jazz offerings. Learn more.

The Wicked Tuna

The Fusion: Japanese + American

The Location: 4123 Hwy 17 Business, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

The classic lowcountry cuisine of South Carolina meets perfectly prepared sushi at The Wicked Tuna. The restaurant’s waterfront setting is ideal for enjoying such delicacies as the Dragon Egg, halved avocado stuffed with cream cheese, smoked salmon, lump and spicy crab served in a nest of tempura sweet potato flakes with spicy mayo and sweet glaze. Learn more.